If you are involved in charity shop work you will know that electrical items are regularily offered for donation.
You may be currently refusing those donations, which is not good as the person donating has made the effort to donate and you have to turn them away.
Perhaps you are accepting them so as not to offend and just taking them to the skip or for recycling - because you know selling electrical items is an area many charity shops shy away from due to health and safety and legislative/trading standards concerns.

We at ePat solutions can help you!

We realise that as a charity you need to make a profit on what you sell, so we will always strive to keep costs as low as we can for charities.

Not only do we test the items to make make sure they are electrically safe, we also provide you with help and support to ensure you fulfill your other duties in order to keep your customers safe, and trading standards happy - and off course to ensure you are making all efforts to comply with the legislation and law of the land.

Charity shops and testing donations are core to our business, it is how we started, and we are passionate about ensuring we deliver the best service we can.